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    Notable Verdicts and Settlements

    Automobile Accidents

    Gaines v. Solid Waste Services, Inc. Plaintiff was involved in a two vehicle car accident which left her with a herniated cervical disc at C5-6 level. Her treatment included an anterior cervical decompression and fusion surgery.  A settlement was reached during a non-binding mediation in the amount of $595,000.00.

    Dubois v. Rabinowitz & Pet Valu, Inc. Our client suffered multiple herniated discs in her cervical and lumbar spine area after a two-car automobile accident. The injuries required the Plaintiff to undergo a C4-5, C5-6, and C6-7 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion surgery. Out-of-court settlement negotiated with the responsible insurance company in the amount of $390,000.00.

    Riccardo v. Kim  Our client suffered a fractured cervical vertebrae at C5-6 level after being involved in a two vehicle car accident.  Out-of-court settlement negotiated with responsible insurance companies in amount of $400,000.00.

    Estate of Robert Kane v. Joseph Falco: Our client's loved one was tragically killed while a passenger in a single-car accident where the intoxicated driver lost control of the automobile.  Wrongful death claim settlement negotiated with responsible insurance company in the amount of $600,000.00.

    Vinnie Moss v. Baldi Transportation/Erie Insurance Company:  The jury awared plaintiff $235,000.00 following trial. The defendant trucking company was both bankrupt and uninsured.  Attorney McMahon negotiated the uninsured motorist claim with plaintiff's own insurance company in the amount of $200,000.00.

    Davis v. Strickland and A-Deck, Inc. Plaintiff required epidural steroid injections and physical therapy asrising from a two-vehicle car accident which aggravted the Plaintiff's pre-existing cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease.  Plaintiff was awarded $150,000.00 following a binding arbitration.


    Premises Liability

    Kevin Bythrow v. Jenkintown Garden Apartments
    Plaintiff visiting friend at apartment complex was violently assaulted in poorly lit parking lot owned by Defendant. Plaintiff suffered orbital facial fracture requiring surgery as well as a cerebral concussion. Attorney McMahon negotiated of $118,000.00.

    Estate of Joan DeMarco v. The Marquis
    Deceased, a business tenant at apartment/office complex, was murdered by former employee of defendant landlord in violent assault committed during burglary.  Plaintiff’s estate argued that the burglary/murder was the result of negligent security by the landlord.  Settlement negotiated with responsible insurance company in excess of One Million Two Hundred Thousand ($1,200,000.00) Dollars prior to trial.

    Khaled Bakar v. Home Properties, Inc.
    Our client was standing on third floor balcony of friend’s apartment owned by defendant, when the floor suddenly collapsed.  As a result Plaintiff fell to the ground and sustained fracured ribs, non-displaced tibia fracture and a herniated disc. After trial, a jury returned a verdict in the amount of $769,000.00. Plaintiff also filed Motion for Delay Damages which was granted and case was settled for $900,000.00.

    Vereb v. Stoney Creek Condo. Assoc. Plaintiff sustained concussion and post-concussion syndrome injuries arising from a slip and fall accident on ice. Binding arbitration award in the amount of $200,000.00 obtained prior to trial.

    V.V., et al. v. M.P., et al. - Plaintiff brought wrongful death and survival action on behalf of minor daughter and mother murdered within defendants’ apartment complex due to inadequate security and deficient security system in place on the premises.  Out-of-court settlement negotiated through non-binding mediation in the amount of  $2,750,000.00. 

    Liquor Liability

    Gerald & Irene Kane v. Dublin Wine and Spirits and Commonwealth of PA:

    Plaintiff husband and wife sustained multiple injuries in head-on collision with drunk driver. Husband-plaintiff sustained head injury resulting in brain hemorrhage and coma, with substantial recovery. Wife-plaintiff sustained broken ankle. Out-of-court settlement successfully negotiated against defendants prior to trial. Husband’s claim – Two Hundred Forty Thousand ($240,000.00) Dollars. Wife’s claim – Ninety Thousand ($90,000.00) Dollars.

    Edward Pisarek v. Adriatric Club:

    Plaintiff police officer assaulted while on duty by intoxicated bar patron skilled in martial arts. Plaintiff sustained permanent partial hearing loss and multiple lacerations. Non-jury trial verdict in favor of plaintiff and against defendant in amount of One Hundred Fifty Thousand ($150,000.00) Dollars.